Company Report and Service Learning Report.   In order to apply the various topics and issues to specific companies, the managerial teams will research and interview a specific company in terms of ethical and socially responsible policies and practices.  Teams will select the company to be studied.  In addition, students will be asked to engage in service learning with a community non-profit or government organization.  The service should consist of about one day (4-6 hours).  It is preferred that all members of the team engage in the same service learning activity in order to maximize the learning experience.  If participation by all members is not possible, approval by the instructor is required.  Two deliverables are required:

Written report.   Students are encouraged to use information from internet sources, public documents, and interviews with employees and management. See “Format for Reports” in the Assignments tab of Blackboard for a more detailed outline of topics and issues to be researched.



–  Financial Profile (10K report Recent 5 years)


–  Ethics Officers and Procedures:  How are ethical issues and problems dealt with in the organization?  Is there a specific office or person for reporting ethical issues and problems?

– Industry Regulation:  What are typical ethical issues in the industry?  Has the industry taken any collective action (e.g. codes and sanctions) to deal with the issues?

-Examples and Issues Related to Course Topics:  What ethical issues and problems have occurred?  How have they been dealt with and resolved?  Relate this to topics covered in class (e.g. sexual harassment, privacy, whistleblowing).


–  Approaches and Activities:  What are the principal ways that the firm engages in social responsibility?

-Philanthropy — What level?  What causes/ organizations?  Participation of employees?

Priorities — Is there a strategic approach to community responsibility?  How does the firm make decisions in terms of projects, problems, and organizations to involve itself.


–       Organization Background and Summary:  Provide a brief (no more than one page) summary of the organization, such as purpose or mission of organization, budget and sources of funding, staffing (including volunteers), and summary of basic programs.

–       Service Activity:  What did you do for the community organization?