There is perhaps no more controversial, emotional and hotly debated issue in criminal justice than the death penalty.

For this week’s discussion, listen to Dr. Sondervan discuss the step-by-step process that occurs during an execution.  Dr. Sondervan served as execution team commander when he was the Deputy Commissioner of Corrections for Maryland, when Maryland still had a death penalty.  Scroll down to Part III and Part IV and watch the six short video clips.  Wellford, Locke, Gambrills and Sondervan – 4.6 

Reread the death penalty section in our text and do some research on your own.  Then answer the following questions to get the conversation going:

What do you see as the pros and cons of the death penalty?
What methods are used for executions in this country?
What impact do executions have on the corrections staff that has to carry them out?
Do you believe the death penalty is constitutional and do you support it as a US citizen?