A dissertation is an academic paper which is a requirement for university student to complete as part of their degree programs.  Since it is a bulky document of close to 200 pages, it is time consuming to prepare. In writing a dissertation, students are gauged on whether they are able to carry out research and come up with a comprehensive report on the same.

In writing a dissertation, the format is essential and the first step is to write a proposal of the project to be researched on followed the actual research. In writing a dissertation the first item to be included is the abstract, which contains few short paragraphs of a maximum of 200 words. This provides a summary of the whole dissertation. The abstract should not in any way restate the outline of the original project. The abstract is essential as it provides an assurance on whether the project interests the reader or not. Moreover, the format in writing a dissertation should also include a background, aim of the project and the main achievement in this order.  The proceeding step is to produce a literature review, present an appropriate method of data collection, recording and analysis and then presenting the research findings, presentation of the research findings, discussion of the outcomes, a conclusion and  a recommendation and finally providing the references used and appendices.

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