I. Instructions: write a 1,250 word essay (i.e., four pages), thesis-driven essay on the following topic:

How do the scientific contributions of Galileo and Darwin reshape our understanding of modern humanity’s place within the universe and natural world?

II. Format:

• Papers must be proofread, written in grammatical English, and argue a thesis.
• When citing the text/video, be sure to follow citation conventions specified by your instructor. E.g., (RAEH 25) (Kuhn 29) (Brecht 24) (GBFH 2:00:67) etc.

• Do not title your paper and do not use outside sources.

• Papers must have quotes from and references to ALL the primary texts

Use the most important quotes from each text.

III. Tips for doing well:

• Select the quotes you want to use before you start writing.

• Organize your ideas. Think through the comparisons and contrasts you want to make before you start writing.

• Keep the length of quotes down to the fewest number of words needed to support or convey the relevant idea.

• Monitor your paragraph length. No paper should have a page-long paragraph. Good paragraphs have 8-10 sentences.

• Make sure your paper has a thesis. A thesis is your answer to the essay question. It must be specific and defended in your paper’s discussion of the issue.

• Your introductory paragraph should do three things: First, state the topic. Second, suggest how your discussion of the topic will proceed. Third, state your thesis on the topic or issue.

• Good paragraphs take the following form: First, good paragraphs have a precise topic sentence that makes a supporting point for the paper’s thesis. Next is a relevant quote that supports the idea in the topic sentence. Finally, there is an explanation, analysis, or interpretation of the association made between the topic sentence and the supporting quote.

• On the whole, write a paper that coveys a thoughtful response to the essay question