Focus on the visual and structural aspect of the films. Provide close analysis and interpretation of at lease one film segment per topic. Include interpretations that address the ethical and ideological element . Illustrate your analysis with refrences to assigned and relevant articles to support your arguments.

This paper is Identities in between in Diasporic cinemas. Analyze Bhahji on the beach by Gurinder Chadha, La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz, Lola and Billy the kid by Kutlug Ataman, and Washington Heights by Alfredo de Villa as diasporic film. Refer to the following aspects among others :intergenerational conflicts, Masculunist versus feminist culture, social exclusion and displacement, nostalgia for the original ” home”, diasporic characters, hybridity and heterogeneity. Focus on these elements are represented by the mise-en-scene.

You are writing about all 4 film and 2 pages only but you only provide close analysis and interperatiin of at least one film not all 4 .