How To Do an Essay Outline


Writing an essay outline provides a clear structure and a guidance to writers. In essay writing, it is essential to write an outline as it helps in presenting the research ideas in a systematic manner. A clear written outline should provide a brief summary of the content that the writer wants to present in an organized, coherent and sensible manner. Writing an outline is a skill that students should possess as it allows brainstorming and keeping the writing to be an easy task.

A well written and clear outline should have the following format.


  • Introduction

In the introduction include the introductory statement, the thesis statement and introduce the supporting ideas, which in this case can be optional.


  • Body

The body carries the bulk of the work. It should include the first, second, third and so on supporting ideas. These ideas should include a transition topic sentence, discussion ideas and also a conclusion which can be optional.


  • Conclusion

A transition statement embodies the conclusion, which majorly provides a reflection on the thesis. Within the conclusion you should do a restatement of the key points. Lastly is to provide the ending statement which is usually thought provocative.

It is also recommended that you include the references used on the last page, from which you got your ideas from. Following the above mentioned process and format enhances your outline writing skills.

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