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Plagiarism is a very bad academic vice which can cost scholars/students a great deal. Many individuals refer to plagiarism as just copying or borrowing another person’s work and ideas. However, copying and borrowing most times disguise how serious the offence of plagiarism is. Plagiarism is more than this; it is actually committing a literary theft. It involves presenting ideas not your own without acknowledging the source of the idea, or crediting the source. If you steal and then pass off that idea as your own, it amounts to plagiarism. Better said, plagiarism is simply a fraudulent act and involves stealing work which belongs to another person and later lying about it. This is because an original idea is termed as an intellectual property and thus copyright laws protect that right. Besides it being a fraud, plagiarism usually spoil the academic credibility of a student, it is, therefore, vital to avoid it at all times, and this can be avoided by properly citing the sources used.


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