the research project -it is Investigative and diagnose a ‘live’ issue or problem – Locate your work within the body of contemporary industry knowledge – Collect and analyse data – Derive supportable conclusions and perhaps to make practical recommendations for change and improvement An applied piece of work that should integrate theory, systematic enquiry and Organisational practice – Not an extended essay or a library-based enquiry, nor a dissertation. what to demonstrate• Understand the research literature underpinning the area being investigated; • Apply research skills, e.g. research design and collection of primary and/or secondary data; • Communicate findings clearly in the form of a written report; • Present and analyse quantitative and/or qualitative data in a way that communicates effectively; • Draw relevant conclusions, and (where appropriate) present feasible recommendationsThe report should be no more than 6000 words in length, including the executive summary up to and conclusions/recommendations, but excluding the front cover, title page, bibliography and appendices. There is a tolerance factor of plus 10% on this word limit, where justified. The title page of the report must state the word total. Exceeding the maximum word count of 6000 +10% will result in a penalty – the mark will normally be restricted please see the example of attached file for the Data collection and appendices included