We promise to perform revisions until the customer is satisfied with our work. If the event that you want to change the scope of your work, you have to place a new order for editing/proofreading.

If our quality assurance department decides that your initial instructions are satisfied, your refund request will be rejected. Refund request is satisfied only when requirements listed in the Revision Policy are met.

After pressing the “Approve” button, you don’t have a right to ask for any refund. In this case you can only ask for a revision, but only within 7 days after you press it. Do not press this button if you haven’t checked the paper in a preview mode. If you experience any difficulties with checking the paper in the format, available at the site, please, contact our support team and ask for another version of preview.

When asking for full refund, you don’t have a right to use the paper and all the additional materials we provided you with in the course of work. All these materials become a property of our company and we reserve a right to publish the paper on-line for commercial purposes. We do not keep any kind of essay databases and ‘publish on-line’ means that if the paper is googled or checked with any kind of anti-plagiarism software, it will link back to our web-site. It may also be published as content or as a sample essay. This is done to protect our writers’ work in cases when Customer claims for refund when work had been already completed.

Please note that you have 14 days to approve the paper. Time for approval is calculated automatically from the moment the last version was uploaded to your personal order page. After the time has passed, the paper (or the part of the paper) is approved automatically.

If you live at the territory of the European Union and paid VAT in the process of payment transaction, you do not receive it back with a refund. You get back only the money or a percent of the price stated in the Prices section of the website. VAT is non-refundable.