1. Describe the function of the preview bus, program bus and key bus.

    3. Which lights need to be turned on for “black box” theater lighting?

    4. Which lights need to be turned on for the green screen?

    5. Describe the effects of breaking the 180° rule.

    6. 100 words max. Briefly describe the following terms in relationship to camera:

    •”You’re hot”

    7. To use a still to create a background behind talent, which bus should the camera be on? Which bus should the still be on?

    8. What is the difference between the auto, chroma and DVE key?

    9. What is the function of the ME key?

    10. Which key on the switcher shows playback from the record station.

    11. What is proper format for video to playback?

    12. What is proper format for a still?

    13. What is the proper format for text for the teleprompter?

    14. What can be qualities of the video image can be controlled through the paint station?